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Specialist Services We Offer

The principal service we offer is helping our clients every step of the way when buying or selling a property on the Costa Blanca. However, our support and assistance goes way beyond dealing with property transactions.

With three decades of experience of living in Spain ourselves, as well as helping hundreds of people from all over the world do the same, we are able to provide several essential services to those moving to Spain or buying a property in the country.


Just like in the UK or other countries, insuring your assets and health in Spain is not just advisable, it is vital you have adequate cover should events not go to plan. We can advise on all types of insurances, such as private health care, vehicle insurance, home insurance, life insurance and funeral cover.

Financial Services

We offer financial advice and services on a varied number of topics. The most requested issues we deal with are helping clients open a bank account and secure a mortgage with a Spanish bank.

We also deal with currency exchange to get the very best exchange rate for clients buying a property working with currency transfer services.

Maintenance Service

We furthermore offer maintenance services. As any homeowner knows, maintaining a property to a high standard is very important, whether you want to command top rental rates, or enjoy your property to the fullest yourself. Maintaining your Costa Blanca home will also ensure you can put the property on the market for a respectable price in the event you should ever want to sell.

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