Costa Blanca Insurance – Secure Your Assets

Costa Blanca Insurance – Don’t Take a Chance with Your Assets

Some types of insurance in Spain are obligatory, while others are not mandatory, but usually advisable, depending on your assets, age, health, etc.

For example, it is compulsory to insure your car, scooter or boat. However, whether you take out house insurance or not is up to you, unless you are buying a property with a mortgage from a Spanish bank, in which case they will probably insist you have cover for the structure of the property even if you decide not to insure the contents.

Here at Costa Blanca Magic, we can advise you on which types of insurance you should be considering and the best companies to use. Furthermore, in the event you need to make a claim, we can make it on your behalf, reaching a satisfactory resolution quickly and efficiently.

Comparison Service

We provide you with comparison quotes from top Spanish Insurance companies, including but not limited to:

Catalana Occidente
Caser Seguros
Direct Seguros
Allianz Insurance
Linea Directa
Seguros Bilbao
Clinicum Salut

Prices will vary depending on your individual circumstances, but the prices listed below will give you a general idea of the cost of insurance in Spain.

Home Insurance

Home insurance starts at around 130€ per year. While it is usually not obligatory to insure a property if you do not take out a mortgage with a local bank, it is foolhardy not to insure your home when you think of all the things that can and do frequently go wrong. Common mishaps incurred include burst pipes, extreme weather damage, vandalism, or accidental destruction such as that caused by a kitchen fire.

You can choose to insure the structure of the building, which includes the fittings that are permanently fixed, the contents of the home, or both.

Vehicle Insurance

It is mandatory to ensure all types of vehicles in Spain. Car insurance starts at around 200€ per year, and moped insurance costs around 100€ a year. Like in the UK, there are different types of cover to choose from.

We can help you decide on the best company and insurance policy for your vehicles depending on your individual needs.

Health Insurance

Health insurance starts from around 39€ a month. There are many companies offering health insurance in Spain, and the cost depends on a number of factors including your age, current existing medical conditions, your occupation and of course, how much coverage you wish to purchase.

There are plans that cover you for partial medical costs, or comprehensive plans that have you completely covered. The cover you choose will depend on how much you want to spend, and if you are entitled to state healthcare.

We can advise you on your situation regarding healthcare in Spain and which coverage you would need to make sure that in the event of illness or an accident you do not have to worry about getting the care you need.

If you are renting a property to tenants, you might want to consider insuring against accidents that may occur to people on the property, and default rental insurance, which will cover you in the event your tenants fail to keep up with the rent.

We can also advise on dental insurance, pet cover, life insurance and funeral plans.

In short, whatever your insurance requirements are, we can help.

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